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How to Double Your Vertical Jump (Really!)

Double your vertical leap!? Sounds crazy. It is crazy! What you can do athletically with twice as much vertical jump is nothing short of staggering. You may be wondering if it is even possible to increase your vertical jump that much, or even if it is, what makes me the guy to tell you about it. Well to get there, let me first start with telling you where it all began. I was right where you are, on the other side of this question. I was looking for any edge I could find to help make me a better athlete and basketball player. I knew I was willing to put in the work, but what type of work? What actually...

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3 Vertical Jump Explosiveness Drills to Do With a Partner

We have put together a quick and easy guide on drills you can do with a partner that will up your vertical jump game. All three drills are focused on explosiveness which will lead to increasing that vertical jump. Working these drills with a partner will make it that much easier to stay accountable and give great effort, by each of you having a support mechanism to keep pushing one another to the next level and surpassing your goals. The best part of partner work is that it can lead to better efforts driven by your competitive nature. The drive to beat your partners score in any drill will help make sure you are putting your all into each and...

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5 Tips on How to Increase Vertical Jump

Many would have you believe you need genes from an athlete to inherit a great vertical jump or the latest high-tech footwear, this just isn’t the case. With a positive mental approach and a 360 approach to your training regime, you will be out jumping your rivals whether you play basketball, netball, or any sport which requires you to elevate yourself using a jumping technique. In this article, we will go over five key tips to increase your vertical jump and surpass your goals. 1. Address your jump technique Jumping is a skill, bottom line. This means that the way in which each element of the jump integrates with the next is extremely important. Not only are the positions in...

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