Reasons Why You Need to Jump High in Basketball

The answer here seems obvious, “so I can dunk”, lol. Sure that’s a great reason, but in reality it’s a small part of how being a better jumper will change your basketball game for the better.

Let’s talk about traits that good jumpers usually have.

Be in Good Shape

They typically are in decent shape, I mean it’s difficult to jump really high in basketball if you are overweight. Being in better shape, and conditioning, you will be able to play harder for longer. Playing hard all game long can instantly make you one of the most valuable players on your team. Heart and effort will keep you in the game.

Build Strength

Let's talk about relative strength. By no means are all great jumpers strong, but most of them are pretty strong in relation to their size. This is especially true for those jumpers who are good at no step verticals. Why do you think the standing vertical is a combine favorite, the powerful athletes shine here.

Improve Coordination

Good jumpers are generally pretty well coordinated. You don’t see many awkward movers that jump out of the gym. By becoming a better jumper, you are also likely becoming a more coordinated mover. A great approach jump has rhythm and feel, it is a connected movement each step of the way. He’s to be a great jumper off the run and not be a pretty good overall mover.

Next Level Verticality

Basketball size is not only how tall you are, but it is also how rangy you are. This means, how much area do you cover from one space. How wide can you be to get deflections, and also how high up is your range to contest shots and rebound. These aspects of athleticism you use way more often that you’ll ever get opportunities to dunk in a game.

Good jumpers are generally better at these things as well, since good training and jumping ability carries over to playing with more range. Great jumpers usually have good stability and core control and are likely able to be strong through contact and able to change direction in less time.

These are just some of the ways great jumpers have an advantage over the competition in basketball. When you pair being a great jumper with all of the work it takes to become one and try our vertical jump programs, you can amplify these “side effects” of jumping even more. Our vertical jump training spends a lot of effort to get you better at these traits, knowing they will also help you become a better jumper and jump high in basketball. More importantly, they will help you become a better athlete and player.

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