5 Rituals to Do Before Your Vertical Jump Workout

Even before you start your training, getting your body and mind into a prepared state will have a huge impact on your workout. Before getting into your vertical jump training, we have these 5 things you must do for the best results.

1. Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sounds simple and obvious, but I see athletes come in all the time that are putting off sleep. They may have stayed up to get school work done, or to hang out with friends, maybe even to just play 2k. Regardless, the lack of quality sleep is not only leaving them less recovered and will less energy, but it’s also increasing the likelihood of injury potential. Consistency in getting good quality sleep will leave you more focused and will help you get better results from your workouts.

2. Eat Something (But Not Just Anything)

We want to have great energy for our work, and food is fuel. It makes sense that we have to eat, but we can’t just eat anything or anytime. What you eat can differ person to person, but it should be something you are familiar with and used too.

No one wants to have digestive issues mid workout, and you certainly don’t want to be sharing a squat rack with someone who is. Ha. Simple foods that sit well with you are always a great choice. There’s a reason pro locker rooms have simple staples like peanut butter sandwiches and bananas in them. When you eat matters too. You can’t eat then head right to the court to jump, or at least most people wouldn’t feel their best if they did. Give your food enough time to settle a bit, but not so much that you are hungry again. We have found that about 2 hours before a workout seems to be a good window of time to eat.

3. Mentally Prepare

Find the routine that will allow you to know what’s coming up. If you always eat at a certain time, then listen to a certain playlist on your way to the gym, then warm up with a routine, by the time you get to your workout your mind will be in a space that’s ready to work.

However, if we are rushing right to a workout from a grueling test of from a stressful situation, our mind might still be focused on the previous task. Being in the moment and dialed in during our workout is a crucial step. This routine might be different for each of us, but find those steps that will get you in the moment ready to work.

4. Get a Sweat Going

Do get a proper warm up in. A lap around the court, a couple brief stretches, and a few light hops is more than most do when they walk in the gym. Even then you likely wouldn’t be in a sweat or be ready to jump 100%. Give your warm up proper attention. Use that time to prepare your joints for movement. Move with intent. Get those tendons saturated and ready to move. A good warm up sweat will get your workout started off right from the very first rep.

5. Visualize

Focusing before your workout on what you are training for goes a long way to setting the table for great results. What do those results look like for you? How is your training getting you closer to those results? During your workout, before a heavy set, remind yourself of those goals and move as if that rep as a the only one that matters…until the next one. A goal will make the effort seem necessary.

Set the stage for a great workout with these 5 steps. Keep us posted on how they have improved your focus and results.

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