3 Exercises to Increase Your Vertical at Home

You want to jump like your favorite athlete, but you don’t have access to the weight room and all of the tools pro athletes may have at their disposal? Well today I am going to cover a few things you can do to make steps towards that goal right from your home. You won’t need anything other than some space and a great attitude.

I won’t lie, we always recommend an approach that includes the weight room when it comes to getting more athletic. However, you can still improve many aspects of your athleticism when that’s just not an option. A few of these great options will get you on the path to flying high.


Lunges - Vertical Home Exercises - Project Pure Athlete

First up is lunges. Lunges are great because there are so many ways to do them, and they can easily be modified to fit any ability level. Need to make them easier, lunge up to an elevated step. Want to make them more challenging? Add in pauses, jump out of the bottom, drop into the bottom phase, there are lots of options. Another great thing about lunges is that you can do them in any direction. Sports are often dynamic and played in every direction. It’s easy to get stuck in training movements that only get us to go up/down or straight ahead. Instead, mix in lunges in each direction. You can even modify the hip/knee demand of the lunges very easily by where your feet and torso get placed.


Running - Vertical Home Exercises - Project Pure Athlete

Another great training choice you can do at home is running! You can mix up the style based on what space you have around you outside. Even really short areas can be used to focus on sprint starts. You can run on an incline, add changes of direction, add obstacles to hurdle over, add a partner to race against, there are countless options for keeping a sprint based workout fresh. Sprinting has a high carryover to jumping, so take it seriously and see your overall athleticism improve!

Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust - Vertical Home Exercises - Project Pure Athlete

Last recommendation for today’s post is the hip thrust/bridge. Strong and explosive hips are vital for being the best possible version of you as an athlete. There is amazing research on the hip thrust’s ability to train the glutes. This is also another easily modified movement that can continue to grow with you as you get stronger. You have the traditional two legged version, you could elevate the shoulders, elevate bit shoulders and feet, you could advance to the single leg version, and so on. Get those hips strong and watch your jumping improve along with them!

For those who don’t know, our relentless stream of programming is made specifically for athletes who don’t have traditional gym access. Those programs utilize body weight and or bands for the majority of the movements.

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