“Whether it’s speaking on his podcast or creating branded video content for his own channel or for Blonyx, we can always expect, and have always received professional, high quality content.”

One of the reasons we wanted to bring Tyler on as a sponsored coach/influencer was not only the high level of content and knowledge he provides regarding Jump Training, Strength and Conditioning, and sport specific training, but also the high level of execution and production that accompanies it.

Tyler McMillan

Blonyx Biosciences

“A true professional and master of his craft.”

As a professional athlete who takes pride in vertical jump training and inspires others to use their bunnies, I’d like to thank Tyler for creating the platform Project pure athlete. Allowing other aspiring athletes to learn proper techniques in maximizing their ability to jump, become more explosive and athletic in general is amazing and I’m glad I can apply his knowledge to improve my bunnies as well.

Terrel Bramwell

Pro Volleyball

“He is an amazing person. He took the time out of his day to help “the competition” and “reveal his secrets” as some others in the industry would see it. All Tyler saw was an opportunity to help people. God bless!”

As another professional in the same industry, I can honestly say that Tyler Ray is world-class. He was readily willing to assist me in helping my own clients, when I reached out to him for help. I did not know him personally before this, but he came to my gym to give me tips and cues on how to get my athlete jumping more efficiently. I am the first to admit that the jump approach is not my specialty and it was a big knowledge gap for me. Tyler kindly assisted me in helping my athlete.

Paul McCrary

Limitless Training Centre – Owner/Head Coach

“SKY Volley is lucky and proud to be working with Tyler and we look forward to continu-ing to grow our relationship with PPA!”

Tyler has a unique ability to connect with his athletes both on a personal and a professional level. He is able to give them detailed individualized feedback after only a few moments of observation but also able to motivate them to continue to want to improve their craft. He is dedicated to improving his own craft and our athletes at SKY Volley love working with him. His enthusiasm rubs off on you and his drive to be the best has shaped our athletes in only a short period of time.

Jimmy El-Turk

Sky Volley Club

“Project Pure Athletes is on the front-lines of jump technique and coaching!”

I really appreciate the content Project Pure Athlete brings, because it exposing young athletes & their talents. Me, being one of them, I value Project Pure Athlete’s page because I am a catalyst for Track and Field & my sport doesn’t get enough exposure. As I am entering my rookie year as a professional athlete, I want to make it a point to emphasize not only my talents & what I bring to the sport of track and field but all athletes!

Sydney Conley

Professional long jumper

“He is tenacious and his pursuit of excellence for his athletes is demonstrated in his professionalism and integrity. He is like they say – “The Jump Guy”!”

In my pursuit to find extra training for my daughter, without hesitation, everyone I spoke to led me to Tyler Ray – The Jump Guy! In the six months that he has worked with my daughter, she has gained 6-inches of vertical! He works to not only improve her jumping technique and vertical, but he has become so much more than a “jumping coach”, he has become a mentor. Tyler is meticulous in his detail and explanation, he not only cares about the physical health of his athletes but their mental health and well being as well.

Stacey Ditchfield

Proud Parent

“Project Pure Athlete’s content is extremely useful and we have learned a lot from it! Thank you.”

Dinamite Volleyball Club

Dinamite Volleyball Club Member

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