The Jump Guide (PPA Jump Technique)


The Jump Guide is an in-depth look into the world of PPA Jump Technique.  Learn proper jumping technique and how to analyze your own jump.

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The most overlooked component of jump training is technique.  We have been lead to believe that the only way to increase your vertical is by countless hours in the gym.  While that will most definitely help the cause, sometimes slowing down and gaining some perspective could lead you to your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

The Jump Guide is here to show you that you could be sitting on a load of untapped inches RIGHT NOW!

What you get with The Jump Guide:

  • An Educational video series on the Principles of PPA Jump Technique
  • PDF manual download for reference
  • Video reference on how to break down your jump
  • Technique drills created by Coach Tyler to help improve your jump technique

This year, do yourself a favour and slow down and take a look at the big picture.  Perhaps those last few inches you are looking for aren’t a result of your gym efforts, but a simple overlook of some of the CRUCIAL elements of Jump Technique!


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