Project Vertical (9-Week) In-Season Jump Program


Project Vertical is a 9-week, 3-phased jump training program designed to jump start your journey into the world of vertical jump training.

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The world of vertical jump training is an extremely saturated one.

So how do I know which one I should spend my money on? 

 The short answer is, you don’t.  However, maybe some information will help point you in the right direction.

Project Vertical is the brain child of world-renowned Jump Coach and former Professional dunker, Tyler Ray.  As one of the most sought after minds on jumping, he has compiled some of the most effective exercises into a 9-week, 3-phase program.

  1. FOUNDATION = Strength and Stability Training (Designed to create a body that not only makes gains, but KEEPS them!)
  2. IGNITE = Power and Speed Training (Designed to get your body firing on all cylinders and turning heads in the process.)
  3. PRIME AND PATTERN = Nervous System Training (Designed to tighten up all of the connections in your body so your movements are crisp, explosive and efficient.)

Along with a solid program, Project Vertical comes video demonstration of each movement to ensure athletes understand what an exercise looks like and what it is accomplishing.

Project Vertical, in conjunction with a driven and consistent mentality, will yield lasting and effective results, guaranteed!

Yours in flight!


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