Project Vertical Combine Ed


Project Vertical Combine Ed.  is a detailed Video Series designed to help YOU maximize your testing performance.  Using strategies made famous by renowned Jump Coach Tyler Ray, this program will have you flying higher for your test day!




This program is designed to help athletes navigate the rigours of vertical jump testing.  The following is included:

  • How to Optimize Testing Week & Day
  • General Jump Warm Up & Neural Ramp
  • Set Up/Loading Sequences
  • The Block Jump
  • The Countermovement Jump
  • The Full Approach Jump

The world of competitive sport hinges largely on athlete’s ability to showcase their athleticism.  A big part of this is the vertical jump as it is arguably the most athletic movement an athlete can perform.  Here is a great series of videos that will dive into some of the most over-looked areas of testing performance.


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